Safety Restrictions

Restricted Items
The following is a partial list of items that we do not repair.
  • small engines containing gasoline and/or oil
  • CRT-based televisions
  • weapons, firearms, and explosives
  • microwave ovens
  • items containing or using compressed gas
  • things that fly (except kites)
  • personal hygiene devices (e.g., electric toothbrushes)
  • medical devices
Coaches and guests must minimize the creation or irritating airborne dust or noxious fumes. Repair techniques which create a risk of exposure to dangerous quantities of hazardous materials must be avoided.
Our workshop locations may also have additional restrictions which prevent us from working on some items.
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
PPE is required whenever a repair creates a risk for injury. ANSI certified eye protection is required for any power tools (e.g., saws, drills, screwdrivers) or striking tools (e.g., chisels, hammers). 
Repair coaches are encouraged to instruct attendees on proper tool use and bring personal protective equipment as appropriate for their specialty.
N95 respirators, safety glasses and nitrile gloves are available for use during repair workshops.
Electric Shock
It is difficult to provide strict guidelines on the amount and type of electricity which may cause a harmful shock.  Please consider the environment in which an item is used when evaluating repair options. 
3 February 2020