Repair Café Celebrating 10 Years

Dear reader,

2019 has begun. For Repair Café it will be a special year: in October we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary! We will celebrate this with various festive activities. Of course, you can also participate. Check the anniversary page regularly to stay informed about the events. And join in!


Child with ScrewdriverMaking repairs in the classroom

Repair Café wants to make children enthusiastic about repairing. As of this year, thanks to our new partner Vinci Energies, we will be able to focus on children outside the Netherlands. Vinci is helping us to get our 'Repair Café in the classroom' curriculum translated into ten languages, starting with English, German and French.

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co2 cloudRepair Café reduces CO2 emissions

Steve Privett from England did a graduation research project into the effect of the Repair Café on greenhouse gas emissions. He came to some interesting conclusions. 

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Get involved

Is there still no Repair Café in your neighbourhood? Then start one yourself, get your things repaired, become a volunteer or donate. And share your enthusiasm with your neighbours and with the Repair Café community!

Kind regards,
the Repair Café International team