Repair Tips for the Holidays

Our friends over at iFixit have pulled together some great tips for holiday prep and repair. We've pulled together some of our favorites from them and others around the web.

With these tips and any advice, follow instructions and use caution. If you aren't comfortable with performing the repairs yourself, visit with us at our next Repair Café.

From iFixit:

rusty cast iron pan

Restoring the shine to cast iron cookware

stained baking sheet

Removing stains from a baking sheet

christmas light fuse

Fixing Broken Christmas Lights

broken christmas light

LED Christmas Lights: Replacing the LED


repair manifesto poster

While you are over at iFixit, you can pickup a copy of the Repair Manifesto poster. Hang it wherever you use tools to improve upon the world around you.


Do you have holiday repair tips to share? Send them to us at [email protected].